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Make Your Own Favorite Combo (Any Two)


Choose any two or three of your Mexican favorites, rice and Mexi-beans

Make Your Own Favorite Combo (Any Two) Preparation Choice:Burrito Chalupa Enchilada Quesadilla Taco Tamale Tostada
Combo Selections 2:Taco Crispy Beef Taco Soft Beef Taco Crispy Chicken Taco Soft Chicken Enchilada Beef Enchilada Chicken Enchilada Cheese Enchilada Beans Burrito Beef Burrito Chicken Burrito Cheese Burrito Beans Quesadilla Cheese Quesadilla Beef Quesadilla Chicken Tostada Beef Tostada Chicken No Rice Double Beans No Beans Double Rice
ADD ON:Supreme +$3Lettuce +$1Veggies +$5Pico De Gallo +$1Tomatoes +$1Cilantro +$1Chesse Dip +$2Mushrooms +$1Shredded Cheese +$2Raw Onions +$1Peppers +$1Avacado +$2Guacamole +$2Spinach +$1Jalapenos +$1Sour Cream +$1Grilled Onions +$1Mexican Rice +$2Refried Beans +$1Black Beans +$1Charro Beans +$1
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