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Rojo Cocina Mexicana



The ambiance of Rojo is different from that of the classic Mexican restaurants.  The lights and decoration provide for a calm atmosphere with a touch of romanticism and passion.  You will enjoy our contemporary Mexican culture with an environment that is familiar and friendly.  The Latin music and the various sports channels in the bar area lend itself to a pleasant and fun experience.

The act of eating is a welcome of life itself and it is also a ritual that evokes family gatherings.  Fresh ingredients, exotic flavors and relaxing, caring service are what define us.

If you want to have a pleasant and entertaining evening in the company of your friends, enjoying drinks and unique food, then Rojo is the perfect place!  Rojo is a great place to celebrate your birthday or to have a romantic dinner. Simply give us a call and we will ensure that you have a memorable experience.  The professional staff will ensure excellent service and a great experience.  You won’t be disappointed!best-place-to-celebrate-birthday-atlanta-ga-rojo





“The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday.” ~ Paris Hilton




“People who love to eat, are always the best people”. – Julia Child


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